Google Knol is experimenting with Audio; another item that will not help it compete with Wikipedia. Google Labs have produced a product that will help you when your sending emails while drunk. Google’s market cap  fell below $100 billion for the first time this week; Google is normal after-all. The economy is finally hitting home for Google; Wall street  lowered expectations. Google Maps have become much better; the GeoEye-1 satellite is producing high quality images for the satellite view. Google-Yahoo said they will play nice with DOJ.  On a surprising note, 1.5 Million GPhones have been pre-sold; looks like Android is not as ugly as everyone thinks.

The European Commission is starting to take a closer look at data retention for Search companies.

eBay first bought 3 companies for $1.35 billion and then laid off 1,000 people.

Details are starting to emerge regarding an AOL-Yahoo merger deal; the sky is falling again. On the other hand Yahoo is beta testing new features for its calendar, and Yahoo finally stepped into the Analytics arena with Yahoo Web Analytics.


Following Apple and Google, RIM is launching the Blackberry Application Center. There are now 10 million iPhones in the market. RIM is attacking Apple head on, they have a complete touch screen blackberry; the Storm.


Hulu has started to live stream the presidental debates.

Microsoft quietly shuts down Software licensing and protection services for .NET.

Facebook has integrated Live Search into the social network; you won't need to leave Facebook to find something now. 

It turns out data mining for terrorists aren’t very effective. 

The peoples search engine, Wikia Search, has launched a platform for developer to integrate search results.

Kingston has released a 32GB USB drive.

MySpace has launched its own advertising network.